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Customer Support Representative

Ghost is looking for two Customer Support Representatives to provide world-class support to our customers. 

Full-time · Remote

Hey there! We're looking for a new member to join the Ghost team, maybe that's you?

We're a non-profit organisation on a mission to create modern, independent publishing technology to power the future of online journalism.

This is not a rocket-ship. You won't find any unicorn glitter or exponential curves around here, just a real company with a sustainable business which has been profitable from year 1 and has been growing healthily ever since. Currently our Annual Recurring Revenue is $3,500,000. We're very transparent about our mission and our metrics, you can read all about us.

Ghost is a full stack web application for running independent publications. It’s one of the most popular modern open source projects in the world, and is used in production by tens of thousands of websites and companies.

Chances are you've already visited and read sites which run on Ghost. Our users range from hugely popular bloggers like Jeff Atwood, Troy Hunt and Joel Gascoigne - through to some of the world's largest organisations like Apple, Square, DuckDuckGo, OpenAI, Buffer, CloudFlare, Digital Ocean, Mozilla, Tinder, OkCupid and many, many more.

Ghost as a business is made up of two primary products:

  • Ghost — An open source CMS/app which can be used for free by anyone
  • Ghost(Pro) — A fully managed hosting platform with powerful automation

The platform is targeted at professional/business users, and in turn funds the entire company to build free, open source software for everyone.

About the role 

You’ll spend most of your day providing fast and painless customer support via email—this is your core responsibility. You’ll also help out with live chat, create a lot of documentation, and hop on impromptu calls with customers when needed. You’ll become an expert in all areas of Ghost.

We won’t overburden you with quotas, empty policies, or unnecessary procedures. Doing what’s in the best interest of our customers is at the heart of what we do. We’ll give you plenty of support to simply do what’s right, no questions asked.

Our ideal hire is motivated by what we’re doing as a company, believes in the value of quality technical support, and is eager to contribute to the success of our customers. As someone who is first in line to help, your understanding of the product and our customers will be incredibly valuable for the business. 


  • This is a full-time, remote position.
  • This job is Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm in your timezone. For this role, we’re looking for people based in Europe (UTC +0 to UTC +2) and in the US (EST).
  • We're seeking fluent English speakers/writers.

About you

  • You have at least two years of experience working in customer support for a SaaS product, and you are comfortable working remotely.
  • You're an aspiring generalist, but you're more technical than the typical customer support professional. You are well-versed in HTML/CSS, DNS settings, and you've got a good understanding of content management systems. Maybe you can code, maybe you're excellent at QA, or maybe you're good at solving tricky problems. You have a wide skillset that would allow you to get up-to-speed quickly.
  • You’re an incredible communicator and a great writer. You can take complex subjects and break them down using clear and simple writing. As a remote team, your communication skills are critical to your success.
  • You are organized and self-sufficient. You thrive in an environment where you can do great work independently. You’re someone who enjoys working autonomously and you don’t need much oversight to get things done.
  • You care deeply about doing good work. You take initiative and ownership to see things through to completion—if it needs doing, you do it. 
  • When you don’t know something, you try to figure it out. You ask good questions, and you embrace the chance to grow and get better. You are a resourceful problem-solver, with a strong desire to learn. 
  • This job is not a stepping stone to another role at Ghost. You’re passionate about support and the important role it plays in a company, and you're excited to continue to sharpen your skills in a customer-facing position.

Day-to-day you will...

  • Help existing customers with a broad range of questions about our product—from updating invoices to installing themes, right down to troubleshooting DNS issues.
  • Chat with potential customers to help them figure out if Ghost will be a good fit.
  • Teach customers how to build, launch, and sustain a Ghost-powered membership site.
  • Collaborate directly with Engineering to solve a tough technical problem for a customer.
  • Provide relevant and timely product feedback to other teams within Ghost.
  • Work with Product and Marketing to review, test, and help ship new features.
  • Help develop and refine support process to make sure we’re always improving.

Who you'll work with

Sarah Frantz — Sarah has been with Ghost for seven years. She knows our product and our customers better than anyone. You’ll work closely with Sarah to deliver excellent customer support.

Paul Davis — Paul is your partner on the Success Engineering side. He helps customers migrate to Ghost from other platforms. Paul will help you understand the nuts and bolts of the migration process, and how best to support customers as they transition to Ghost.

Justin Seymour — Justin will make sure you’ve got the knowledge, resources, and focused time to do your best work, then stay out of your way. 

All jobs at Ghost come with

💵 Competitive salary
Based on role, skill, experience and location. 

🌍 Work from anywhere
From a home office, or travel continuously if that's your thing. Everything we do is online. As long as you have wifi, you're all set.

💻 Hardware
A new laptop + $500 office workspace setup budget.

🏢 Co-working  
If you prefer to work from a co-working space, we'll help pay for it. 

📚 Continue your personal development
There's a budget for attending conferences, taking courses, and purchasing books.

✈️ Team retreats
The last few trips have taken us to Dubai, Thailand, Austria & Egypt.

📅 Last Friday of the month off
We close the office on the last Friday of each month. Enjoy!

🏝 Unlimited paid vacation
If you don't take a minimum of a 2 week break yourself, we'll kick you out of the office in December.

👶 Paid parental leave
When the time comes to welcome a new member of the family, we offer generous and fully paid parental leave.

📈 Pay reviews
Everyone at Ghost receives an annual pay review.

🐶 Dog friendly office
Just kidding we literally don't have an office. So, um. Feel free to work with your dog. Cats are cool, too.

Our hiring process 

We receive a lot of applications for each position. Take your time and make your application stand out. Our hiring process and timeline can vary from role to role, but typically you can expect: 

Step 1: We'll review your application, then you'll hear from us about whether you’ve advanced to the next step. 

Step 2: A video call with the hiring manager and another member of the team so we can get to know each other a little better. This is an informal chat—there's nothing to prepare!

Step 3: A second video call with the hiring manager. The purpose of this call is to get a sense of how you think about your work.

Step 4: A paid trial project—typically 4-6 hours of work. The project is representative of the kind of day-to-day work we do with customers. 

Step 5: A video call with one of our co-founders, either Hannah our CTO, or John, our CEO.

Step 6: An offer 🎉

How to apply  

Send an email to Introduce yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Where are you based and what timezone are you in?
  • What do you hope to find here at Ghost that you haven't found at your current or previous jobs?
  • Why do you want to work in customer support?
  • What's your favorite and least favorite aspect of working directly with customers?
  • Tell us something honest and unfiltered about yourself. For instance, what are some of your quirks? What is one of your most disagreeable personality traits?
  • Share a couple passages from an essay or book you've read recently, then expand on why you picked those passages. Give us some helpful context, offer your own interpretation, illuminate the subject. Keep your reply precise, engaging, and coherent—say what matters to you. We're looking for no more than 350 words.

Then, pretend you've got the job and answer these questions:

  • A customer who is currently on trial is requesting a feature we don't currently support. How would you respond? Explain your thought process behind your reply.
  • Sign up for a trial account on Ghost, install a custom theme, then create a sample help doc about how to add Google Fonts to a Ghost theme. Include a link to the doc in your email. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Not the right role for you?

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