Product Manager (Engineering)

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Product Manager (Engineering)

We're looking for an experienced product manager with an engineering focus to join the Ghost product team and work remotely, on Open Source software.

Full-time · Remote

Hey there! We're looking for a new member to join the Ghost team, maybe that's you?

We're a non-profit organisation on a mission to create modern, independent publishing technology to power the future of online journalism.

This is not a rocket-ship. You won't find any unicorn glitter or exponential curves around here, just a real company with a sustainable business which has been profitable from year 1 and has been growing healthily ever since. Currently our Annual Recurring Revenue is $5,000,000+. We're very transparent about our mission and our metrics, you can read all about us.

Ghost is a full stack web application for running independent publications. It’s one of the most popular modern open source projects in the world, and is used in production by tens of thousands of websites and companies.

Chances are you've already visited and read sites which run on Ghost! Our users range from renowned publications like The Stanford Review and Harvard International Review - through to some of the world's largest organisations like Apple, Square, DuckDuckGo, Buffer, OpenAI, CloudFlare, Digital Ocean, Mozilla, Napster, Tinder, OkCupid and many, many more.

As the company grows, we're looking for experienced, engineering-focused product managers to join the team and help us build and ship new releases of Ghost to the world. This is a senior role reporting to our VP of Product, with plenty of freedom to help evolve and refine our product architecture.

What we're looking for  🔎

For this position, we're looking for someone with experience delivering software products at scale, with a focus on engineering and architecture.

Teams at Ghost are typically made up of squads of 2-3 engineers + 1 designer. We take time to carefully shape product pitches, and then deliver work in 3 week cycles with a 1 week break between each set of projects. The role we're hiring for here will be responsible for managing the engineers on the team, helping to plan those cycles, and working directly with teams to manage delivery.

Ghost is a full-stack, open source JavaScript web application. The primary technologies on the back end are Node.js/MySQL8, while our front-end stack is a mixture of Ember.js and an increasing amount of React. Any familiarity with our stack will be a big advantage for someone applying for this position, but we're open to anyone with a strong engineering background with an eye for product (or vice-versa).

Here are a few examples of the work you’ll be doing:

  • Overseeing and product shaping process. Working with programmers, designers, coordinating with other teams, management and leadership to prioritize schedules, scope hammer features, and figure out who will do what.
  • Chatting regularly 1:1 with product engineers, listening to their concerns, making sure they’re feeling engaged and productive, and providing specific feedback on performance – both the good and the not-so-good.
  • Reviewing performance of product engineers throughout the year. Bringing improvements to the process so we can better track personal achievements as well as areas for improvement, and know when to offer new challenges. Make it clearer when to promote, and when to let go.
  • Collaborating regularly with our Marketing, Support and Design teams to develop healthy working relationships and gain a strong understanding of the business and our culture.
  • Coordinating internal documentation and guides to make sure that our bus factor is minimal, and new team members can be onboarded easily.
  • Working with support and product leadership to determine our appetite for addressing our prioritized bugs and issues.
  • Running retrospectives to reflect back on a cycle, using it as an opportunity to celebrate achievements, discover ways to improve as a team, and to identify and remove roadblocks.
  • Participating in our incident response process as a coordinator of major product  issues, following up on actions and ensuring they’re seen through to resolution.
  • Alongside our leadership team, hire and onboard new JavaScript programmers: filtering resumes, conducting interviews, evolving our hiring process.

People who are highly self-motivated and great at written communication tend to do best at Ghost. The majority of our team is made up of former founders, freelancers and self-starters who are confident and comfortable working independently and getting things done.

This role would be very well suited to someone who is a current/former software engineer with a product-mindset, or an experienced product manager with a deep knowledge of engineering. Our culture at Ghost is focused around calm, enjoyable work with great colleagues. Not a frantic startup treadmill.

Maybe you’re overworked at a traditional tech company that used to be a lot of fun, but has grown so fast that it barely resembles what you originally signed up for. Or maybe you’ve been solo bootstrapping products for years but you're hungry to work on something bigger with a group of excited, likeminded people.

We value diversity of all types at Ghost and our team is made up of a kind, thoughtful group of people with a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We actively try to find people with different perspectives and experiences to the ones we already have. Women and minorities of any description are especially encouraged to apply!

What it's like to work here 

We work remotely from all over the world, with flexible hours and annual team retreats. We try to keep meetings to a minimum to give people plenty of time for uninterrupted deep work. Product decisions at Ghost are a little different to most companies; because we're a non-profit organisation, there's very little motivation to take on work based on maximising revenue or growth. Above all else, we optimise for quality and impact — those are the things that matter most to us.

We have a small, talented team with a very large audience. This means you'll have the ability to have a huge impact on both the product and the company, whilst also having interesting and challenging problems to work on. We really like what we do, and we're all in this to build something lasting, sustainable and positive.

All jobs at Ghost come with

💵 Competitive salary
Based on role, skill, experience and location.

🌍 Work from anywhere
From a home office, or travel continuously if that's your thing. Everything we do is online. As long as you have wifi, you're all set.

💻 Hardware
A new laptop + $500 office workspace setup budget.

🏢 Co-working
If you prefer to work from a co-working space, we'll help pay for it.

📚 Continue your personal development
There's a budget for attending conferences, taking courses, and purchasing books.

✈️ Team retreats
The last few trips have taken us to Spain, Dubai, Thailand, Austria & Egypt.

📅 Last Friday of the month off! 
We close the office on the last Friday of each month and take a 3 day weekend. Enjoy!

🏝 Unlimited paid vacation
If you don't take a minimum of a 2 week break yourself, we'll kick you out of the office in December.

👶 Paid parental leave
When the time comes to welcome a new member of the family, we offer generous and fully paid parental leave.

📈 Pay reviews
Everyone at Ghost receives an annual pay review to stay competitive with market rates.

🐶 Dog friendly office
Just kidding we've never had an office. So, um. Feel free to work with your dog?. Cats are cool, too.

Who you'll be working with

Peter 🇺🇸

VP of Product

Zimo 🇭🇺

Head of Design

Hannah 🇬🇧

Co-Founder / CTO

How to apply 🚀

The hiring process for this role has a few steps:

  1. An application questionnaire, 10-15 minutes.
  2. A ~30 minute interview with the hiring manager for this role, where you can ask any questions you have about the role and get to know you a little.
  3. A paid trial project of about 20 hours work, where we work with you on a real piece of engineering at Ghost.
  4. A final interview & offer to join the team with a full-time contract

We receive a lot of applications for each position. A real human member of the Ghost team will review each one, so take your time - we care about the details.

Not the right position for you?

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