Director of Marketing

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Director of Marketing

We're looking for an experienced marketing leader to join the team and help us bring independent open source publishing software to the world.

Full-time · Remote

Hey there! We're looking for a new member to join the Ghost team, maybe that's you?

We're a non-profit organisation on a mission to create modern, independent publishing technology to power the future of online journalism.

This is not a rocket-ship. You won't find any unicorn glitter or exponential curves around here, just a real company with a sustainable business which has been profitable from year 1 and has been growing healthily ever since. Currently our Annual Recurring Revenue is $6,500,000+. We're very transparent about our mission and our metrics, you can read all about us.

Ghost is a full stack web application for running independent publications. It’s one of the most popular modern open source projects in the world, and is used in production by tens of thousands of websites and companies.

Chances are good that you've already visited and read sites which run on Ghost. Our users range from renowned publications like The AtlanticThe Stanford Review and Harvard International Review - through to some of the world's largest organisations like Apple, Square, DuckDuckGo, CloudFlare, Digital Ocean, Mozilla, Duolingo, Kickstarter and many, many more.

What we're looking for  🔎

For the past 10 years, Ghost has grown almost exclusively through word-of-mouth recommendations. We've always put a lot of energy into our product and, as a result, our customers have been quick to share what we do with others. This has worked really well for us and remains a point of pride, but despite having one of the leading products in the space we're in — we're often the least well-known. We're hoping to change that.

We're looking for an experienced marketing leader who specialises in product marketing and demand generation to help us tell a better story about what we do and, more importantly, why we do it. Of all the fast-growing companies in the space we're in, Ghost is the only one structured as an independent non-profit organisation. The only one releasing our software into the public domain as open source. The only one whose stated mission to do good in the world doesn't come with an asterisk of *as long as it primarily benefits the VC investors we've raised tens of millions of dollars from.

Our story is one that never fails to delight the people who hear it, and we want a lot more people to hear it.

About the work

At its core, this role is about developing and executing a broad strategy to refine our positioning and get us in front of a far larger group of people than those who have already heard of Ghost and know what it is. Our funnels and email campaigns are already well established, so we're not looking for someone with a focus on conversion rate optimization or growth hacking. This role is larger than that.

You'll report-to and have direct support from the CEO, and be responsible for both what we do, and how we do it. We're a small team, and this is a hands-on job suited to someone who loves working alongside their team to bring ideas to life, not just delegating them. You'll own our analytics reports, and be expected to regularly detail progress, challenges, and insights to the rest of the company.

Lofty goals are welcome, because you'll have time to realise them. The most important reason Ghost is structured as a non-profit organisation is so that the company can never be bought or sold. This means we think in decades, not quarters. We care about the details, and we take our time to get them right.

Ghost is a sophisticated product with many technical users, so you'll need to be comfortable interacting with and discussing code on a regular basis. That being said, we don't expect you to be an engineer, and we're happy to offer lots of training and support to get you up to speed.

Responsibilities of this role include:

  • Gathering competitive analysis and industry insights to educate internal stakeholders and help inform product strategy, roadmap, and pricing.
  • User research efforts and acting as the voice of the customer.
  • Positioning, messaging, and narrative design.
  • Refining target personas and product use cases.
  • Positioning and messaging frameworks to communicate our product value.
  • Establishing a strategy playbook and leading execution of all product launches, ongoing feature releases, and new partnerships
  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders, including Product, Marketing, Sales and Support teams to identify and support their unique needs.
  • Creating customer-facing material including web copy, videos, emails, case studies, blog posts, FAQs, tutorials, etc.
  • Measuring product marketing performance through key metrics such as MRR growth, retention rates, and feature adoption.
  • Using large data sets to create high-confidence forecasts and growth plans to achieve company and campaign goals.

About you

You're creative, organised, and experienced. You've done this before, and you're excited about doing it again, here. You're not afraid of debating big ideas, or trying new things. You know SaaS economics inside out, you understand the fundamentals behind what makes them work.

You hate sleazy tactics. You care deeply about brand, positioning, and story.

People who are great at written communication and highly self-motivated tend to do best at Ghost. The majority of our team is made up of former founders, freelancers and self-starters who are confident and comfortable working independently and getting things done.

Ideally we're looking for someone who has...

  • 4+ years experience in product marketing for SaaS, B2C tech companies
  • Exceptional visual, written, spoken communication, and presentation skills
  • Extensive Product-Led Growth marketing experience
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a team player, confidently collaborate directly with senior executives and build consensus across stakeholders and teams
  • Ability to thrive in a flexible environment with a high degree of autonomy
  • Clear understanding of the most important metrics and how to produce measurable results from campaigns
  • Total comfort working in a 100% remote environment
  • A location in a timezone between UTC-7 to UTC+2

What it's like to work here 

In 2020, a large number of companies became 'remote' for the first time, and immediately transformed their conference rooms into Zoom calls as they sought to embrace a new world order: Micro-managing people... from a distance. 

Ghost has been fully remote for more than a decade, so our entire culture has been shaped around that from day one. Since 2013, we've carefully crafted a calm working environment based on trust and autonomy. Most people here have 1 or 2 video calls a week, choose their own working hours, and have plenty of time for deep/focused work that takes place on their own terms.

Our two most fundamental values are freedom and responsibility, and you'll be given plenty of both. We measure output, rather than hours-worked. 

This is not a fledgeling tech startup, fighting to survive and forcing everyone to work overtime. There's no hustle, and we don't grind. We believe that work should enable your life, not the other way around — so we encourage reasonable work schedules, plenty of time off, and solid sleep.

We value diversity of all types at Ghost and our team is made up of a kind, thoughtful group of people with a wide range of backgrounds. Between us, we speak 15 different languages. Some of us are single, others are married, while others are parents. We actively try to find people with different perspectives and experiences to the ones we already have. Women and minorities of any description are especially encouraged to apply!

Salary & benefits

The starting salary range for this position is $130,000 – $160,000 USD. Most offers we make fall somewhere in the middle of the range. The exact offer will be determined by a combination of your experience, and our interview process. For this role, we're specifically looking to hire someone at Director or VP level.

On top of that, we offer a range of benefits...

All jobs at Ghost come with

💵 Competitive salary Based on role, skill, experience and location.

🌍 Work from anywhere From a home office, or be a nomad if that's your thing. Everything we do is online. As long as you have wifi, you're all set.

💻 Hardware A brand new Macbook + an office workspace setup budget.

🏢 Co-working If you prefer to work from a co-working space, we'll help pay for it.

📚 Continue your personal development  A budget for attending conferences, taking courses, and purchasing books.

✈️ Worldwide team trips The last few trips have taken us to The UK, Dubai, Thailand & Spain.

📅 Monthly 4-day work weeks We close the office on the last Friday of each month. Enjoy!

🏝 Unlimited paid vacation If you don't take a minimum of a 2 week break yourself, we'll kick you out of the office in December.

👶 Paid parental leave When the time comes to welcome a new member of the family, we offer generous and fully paid parental leave.

📈 Pay reviews Everyone at Ghost receives an annual pay review in line with market rates, so you'll never be stuck on what you start on.

🐶 Dog friendly office ...just kidding we literally don't have an office. So, um. Feel free to work with your dog. Cats are cool, too.

Who you'll be working with

Ryan 🇺🇸

Developer Relations

Aileen 🇩🇪

Marketing Engineer

Alex 🇬🇧

VP, Partnerships

How to apply 🚀

Our hiring process and timeline can vary from role to role, but typically you can expect:

Step 1: We'll review your application against the needs of team.

Step 2: A video call with a member of the operations team so we can get to know each other a little better. It's an informal call, there's nothing to prepare.

Step 3: A second video call, usually with the hiring manager and another member of the team. This call has a more technical focus and gives you the opportunity to find out what might be like to be a member of the Ghost team.

Step 4: A paid trial project - typically 20-30 hours of work. This provides a great opportunity to understand what it's like to work with each other, prior to pursuing a full time offer.

Step 5: A final interview to review the trial project.

Step 6: An offer 🎉

We receive a lot of applications for each position. A real human member of the Ghost team will review each one, so take your time - we care about the details. Women and people of any minority are especially encouraged to apply!

Not the right position for you?

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